Tischsitten, früher

Leonardo [da Vinci] was also a master of dining etiquette, possibly inventing the first napkin (and the first twenty-foot rotating napkin dryer) after Sforza insisted on “tethering beribboned rabbits to the chairs of his table guests, that they may wipe their grease-ridden hands on the beast’s backs.” Leonardo had strong opinions on the manners of the court, chiding the courtiers for bad behavior:

  1. He should not place his head upon his plate to eat.
  2. Neither should he sit beneath the table for any length of time.
  3. He should not place unpleasing or half-chewed pieces of his own food upon his neighbor’s plate without first asking him.
  4. He should not wipe his knife upon his neighbor’s clothing.
  5. Nor use his knife to carve upon the table…
  6. He should not set loose birds upon the table.
  7. Not snakes nor beetles…
  8. And if he is to vomit then he leaves the table.
  9. Likewise if he is to urinate.

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