Auf Twitter sorgt gerade der Hashtag #overlyhonesthistorians für größere Erheiterung bei mir. Und da es bei Twitter praktisch unmöglich ist, später etwas nachzuschauen, erlaube ich es mir, die Tweets mal anonymisiert hier zu sammeln:

    • „This was the most interesting topic I could find in an archive within driving distance.“
    • That book I called seminal in my piece? Yeah, I think it is a crock.
    • We called it the Hundred Years‘ War because as a general rule we’re quite poor with math
    • I’d like to thank everyone who uttered banal platitudes for being no help whatsoever in the completion of this work
    • I’m ignoring physical culture and art because I don’t understand anthropologists and art historians bug me.
    • How many more footnotes do I need till this journal article looks impressive?
    • We call it the Seven Years‘ War not because it makes any sense, but because the Nine Years‘ War was already taken.
    • My dissertation is more esoteric than yours. Nyah, nyah, nyah.
    • Wait till I get tenure and you get to learn what my academic interests really are.
    • We’ll dislike a historian if we don’t approve of their work. If we like it we’ll dislike them out of envy.
    • I haven’t actually read half of the texts listed in my bibliography I just listed them for effect.
    • I only included Professor X’s book in my bibliography because he’s on my thesis examination committee.
    • I only slagged off his book in my review because he slept with my girlfriend when we were grad students.
    • I use anonymous Amazon accounts to heap praise on my own books while slating everyone else in the field
    • I know absolutely nothing about the topic but that doesn’t stop me spouting off about it at every opportunity.
    • I’m not really asking a question about your lecture I just like the sound of my own voice.
    • „The last chapter stops in 1950 because this is long enough for a first book already.“
    • I fill the considerable gaps in my knowledge with academic jargon
    • I found a text in the archives that disproved my thesis, put it back in the wrong place where nobody could find it
    • I often talk at great length about books that I haven’t actually read.
    • I’m an art historian at a public institution so your tax money pays for me to look at pretty pictures.
    • I only attend conferences for the free wine
    • My favourite part of any conference is critiquing formatting errors in other speakers‘ Powerpoint presentations.
    • I write historically inaccurate romance novels under a pseudonym for the money
    • „And by ‚for example,‘ I mean this is the only example of which I am aware“
    • „The publisher insisted on a chapter from 1990, so here’s some stuff I googled“
    • „I chose this topic based on the availability of sources in my university’s archives and EZ-Borrow.“
    • Heave that 1976 Definitive Monograph off the shelf? Nah, Wikipedia will do
    • I really dislike the smell of old books.
    • I don’t understand economics, so I only included statistics that any 8th grader could comprehend.
    • I complain frequently about my students performance but would never dare to get my own courses evaluated.
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  3. Erbloggtes sagt:

    Solcherart Meme müsste man genauer analysieren, Kategorien bilden, interpretieren und die tieferen Wahrheiten aufspüren, die sich darin ausdrücken. Allzu wahr ist auch eine Ergänzung von @sebgiessmann: „If you want to present this paper in front of historians, leave out the theory.“

  4. @Erbloggtes: Und das schönste an “If you want to present this paper in front of historians, leave out the theory.” ist, dass das mir wirklich mal ein Historiker so geschrieben hat…

    Memstudien, gerade populäre, aber auch medienwissenschaftliche gibt es übrigens einige.

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  8. vera sagt:

    Ich empfehle für künftige Memes http://storify.com/ ,)

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