The Venice Time Machine

TedX-Talks sollte man meistens ignorieren, aber diesen von Frederic Kaplan über das Projekt Venice Time Machine darf man sich anschauen. Hinter dem doch etwas übertriebenen Gerede eines „Facebook des Mittelalters“ steckt nämlich der Versuch, das Archiv von Venedig ins digitale Zeitalter zu übertragen und mit Hilfe moderner Digital Humanities-Techniken zu erschließen. Das Projekt ist mehr als ambitioniert und gerade daher darf man gerne schauen, ob und wie es sich entwickelt.

The Venice Time Machine aims to be a comprehensive simulation with the goal of reconstructing Venice’s past, better understanding its present and anticipating its future. The ambitious program will focus on the digitization of archives and their durability over time, data mining and modeling of both past and current networks, and advanced data visualization such as 3D interactive maps and novel museographic experiences in Venice.

During the initial phase of the project, to begin this year and last another four years, small teams of researchers will focus on Venice and its historical network of European connections as the central subject. Researchers from Venice and Lausanne in computer science, art and music history, architecture, geophysics and even neuroscience will come together in the following months to establish a technological and logistical roadmap for the long-term development of the project.

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