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Tag: 9. Juni 2022

Trauma and the 1980s in Arabic Literary Studies

What is a literary history of the present? There are many ways to imagine such a project and its debt to Foucauldian genealogy, from accounts of how literature writes history to how the notion of literature is a historical aspect of the present. This essay, part of the upcoming workshop, “The Literary 1980s in the MENA: Towards a History of the Present”, asks what trauma has come to name in Arabic literary studies since the 1980s.

VERANSTALTUNGSEINLADUNG: Communication in politics and knowledge: letters – languages – scripts and cyphers (01.07.2022, HYBRID)

Eine Veranstaltungseinladung, die für Student*innen, Absolvent*innen und Freund*innen des Instituts für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung von Interesse sein könnte: Geladen wird am Fr., 01.07.2022, von 09-16:00 zur hybriden Veranstaltung Communication in politics and knowledge: letters –…