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Open-Heritage is an independent online space open to the contribution of the community of heritage researchers, practitioners, professionals and citizens interested in promoting the value of cultural heritage and supporting its public recognition. The platform offers a set of multidisciplinary and multimedia conduits for the exchange of expertise and experience between people and institutions, aiming to foster debate and reflection on the importance of cultural heritage and its impact on societies, communities and our daily life. It also provides a rich repository of data … Open heritage weiterlesen


Prague, 5th – 6th March 2020 Venue: Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Jana Palacha square 2, room 104 Call for paper proposals We invite authors of both theoretical and empirical research studies, stakeholders and associate partners of the REACH project to join us at an international workshop devoted to the concept of resilience connected to European cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. We will particularly welcome contributions related to rural heritage, heritage institutions, minority culture, and heritage recognized in small towns. Resilience is a … RESILIENCE FOR EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE weiterlesen