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Beim Orient-Institut Beirut, einem Forschungsinstitut der bundesunmittelbaren Max Weber Stiftung, ist die Stelle einer wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiterin  / eines wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiters ab dem 01.06.2014 zu besetzen. Die Stelle ist in Vollzeit auf drei Jahre befristet. Eine Verlängerung um höchstens zwei Jahre ist möglich. Dienstort ist Beirut. Voraussetzungen: Promotion im Fächerspektrum von Arabistik, Islamwissenschaft, Geschichte, Geographie, Gesellschafts- bzw. Politikwissenschaften oder in verwandten Fachgebieten mit Regionalbezug (Vorderer Orient/Nordafrika). Gute Kenntnisse des Arabischen und Forschungserfahrung mit arabischsprachigen Quellenmaterialien. Post Doc Projekt, das gut vernetzt ist und in der […]

CTTC: It’s the economy, stupid! – How political conflict affects economic development in Egypt – and reverse

Cairo Talks on Transformation and Change (CTTC) is a regularly held platform to analyse the ongoing changes and assess the perspectives of political transition in Egypt. It is jointly organised by the Cairo Offices of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Freie Universität Berlin, and the Orient-Institut Beirut (OIB), and takes place on the premises of the German Science Centre (DWZ). Have a look at our 12th CTTC session which took place on 10 December 2013 entitled “It’s the economy, stupid! – How political conflict […]

Call for Applications

Closing Date for Applications: 15 April 2014 Call for applications, conditions and procedures can be found here. This International Summer Academy is jointly organized by the Orient-Institut Beirut and Forum Transregionale Studien, and will take place in Beirut from 11 to 19 September 2014. Entitled Language, Science and Aesthetics – Articulations of Subjectivity and Objectivity in the Modern Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, this Summer Academy offers early-career scholars an opportunity to follow up on the debates about modernity, its preconditions and its aftermath […]

Conference: Constitutional Experiences in the Middle East and North Africa – Call for Papers

International Conference Constitutional Experiences in the Middle East and North Africa (from approx. 18th to 20th centuries) convened by Stefan Leder and Astrid Meier Date: November 6-7, 2014 Venue: Orient-Institut Beirut Deadline: May 16, 2014 The conference is aimed at exploring political concepts and practices which are related to constitutional experiences prior and parallel to the occurrence of written constitutions. Combining political, intellectual, legal and social history across the region, we invite papers on legal and organizational frameworks, administrative bodies, associations, councils, corporative structures, customs, as […]

Divercities blog

The divercities blog was created by the Orient-Institut Beirut and the Goethe Institut Lebanon to accompany our jointly organised event divercities: contested space and urban identities in beirut, cairo and tehran, taking place in various locations across Beirut from 12 to 14 December 2013 . The aim of this conference was to gain insights into experiences of urban governance as it is perceived and practiced by different social agents in view of the ambivalence of public space in diverse societies. It revolved around power dynamics over contested […]

International Conference: The Occult Sciences in Pre-modern Islamic Culture

Beirut, 5-6 December 2013 From 5-6 December 2013 the Orient-Institut Beirut (OIB) and the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) are jointly hosting an international conference on “The Occult Sciences in Pre-modern Islamic Culture”. In pre-modern Islamic culture, a number of “occult” sciences that deal with non-observable realities and are marked by ritual references were acknowledged part of the canon of knowledge and practiced also by natural scientists. The “occult” sciences, al-‘ulum al-khafiya, include sciences […]