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Foucault und die Frage des Politischen: Eine Bestandsaufnahme

Oliver Marchart and Renate Martinsen have edited a German volume that connects Foucault with the question of the political and attempts to establish new perspectives on contemporary issues of political theory and our political present: Foucault und das Politische: Transdisziplinäre Impulse für die politische Theorie der Gegenwart (Wiesbaden: Springer 2019). The papers of the volume reflect basic terms of political theory and philosophy, relate Foucault’s oeuvre to the works of other famous theorists and show the wide range of Foucault’s analyses in terms of criticizing and rethinking the foundations of society and political life.

Le foucaldien will open a special collection on „Critical Genealogies“ in 2019

We are happy to announce that Le foucaldien will be publishing selected papers developed out of the upcoming Critical Genealogies Workshop. The workshop provides a space of collaboration and experimentation for scholars who deploy genealogy in order to investigate significant problematizations of the contemporary. The workshop series perfectly meets Le foucaldien’s aspiration to go along and beyond Foucauldian lines.

Motive, Zielgruppen, Profile: Paul Lazarsfelds frühe Studien in Wien um 1930

Before Paul Lazarsfeld became a major figure in 20th-century American sociology, he tried to make a living as a social researcher in Vienna. In 1931, he founded the Economic-Psychological Research Bureau, which linked statistical studies with in-depth interviews in order to reveal the „true motives“ for purchasing behaviors. This so-called motivation research came to be a key technique in post-war marketing. My talk will show examples of Lazarsfeld’s Viennese studies and mainly focus on a survey of Austrian radio listeners from 1932. By correlating radio programs with social class, this study broke the mass audience down into specific target groups for the very first time.

Neu in Le foucaldien: Philipp Sarasin bespricht Les aveux de la chair

Aveux de la chair

The forth volume of Foucault’s Histoire de la sexualité, only recently edited by Frédéric Gros, sets the keystone not only to his „history of sexuality,“ but to his entire work. Though the reading of the book with all its scholarly details of early Christian theology might appear quite challenging, it reveals clearly how Foucault’s own thinking has changed from 1977 onwards…

Die Ordnung der Geschichte: Vermittlung bei Foucault und Latour

Sowohl in Latours ANT wie auch in Foucaults Ordnung der Dinge scheint die Determination durch Relationen jede genuine Entwicklung, Prozessualität oder historische Vermittlung auszuschliessen. Das Beharren auf relationaler oder struktureller Determiniertheit impliziert zugleich eine Kritik am Geschichtsdenken der modernen Episteme. Eine vergleichende Analyse der jeweiligen Vorstellungen von ‚Relation‘ bei Latour und Foucault soll diesen kritischen Bezug auf die diachrone Dimension und ihre moderne Konzptualisierung genauer bestimmen.