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Unter falscher Flagge. Rechte “Identitäre” setzen auf Antiken-Pop. Die Geschichte ihrer Symbole dürfte ihnen kaum gefallen

In der derzeit vieldiskutierten rechtsradikalen Szene fällt eine Gruppe als besonders aggressiv auf. Die übernational organisierte „Identitäre Bewegung“ (IB) agiert als eine Art Agit-Pop-Gruppe der völkischen Szene. Aus einer Nachfolgeorganisation der rechtsterroristischen französischen Unité radicale hervorgegangen, ist sie heute europaweit … Continue reading

A few more armorials online (Mandragore database)

The Mandragore database of the Bibliothèque national in Paris ( allows one to search images of the BnF’s illuminated manuscripts. Unsurprisingly perhaps, this also brings to light a rather larger number of heraldic images (some 10,000 images are tagged ‘armoiries’) and at least a few armorials: 18 manuscripts in the database have been described as armorials (i.e. have the word ‘armorial’ in the modern title). Here’s a list: 1…

The Mamluk Rank: Quasi-Heraldic Emblems in the Islamic World

In Islamic culture, ‘mamluks’ were elite slave soldiers that served the Muslim caliphs, sultans and emirs. Recruited at a young age from the Turkish tribes of the steppes of central Asia, they first appeared in the ninth century under the Abbasid caliph Al-Mutasim near Baghdad. By the thirteenth century, buying and training mamluks had become a common practice in the Middle East. In Egypt, the first sultan to make…

[CfA:] Visible Identities: Symbolic Codes from Personal Heraldry to Corporate Logos, London, 6 November 2017 (Programme)

This day conference at the Society of Antiquaries will consider the ways in which identity since c. 1100 has been, and continues to be, expressed in outward visible formats, principally heraldry. The opening address will be delivered by Claire Boudreau, Chief Herald of Canada, on development of the country’s visual symbolic identity. The following contributions will consider the development of sign systems of identity and their uses from the…